Things are horrible, traumatic, and sad. I feel reminded of the terror I felt living in Israel. There families got butchered by Palestinian terrorists on the streets, in their homes or on public transportation.

It’s hard to live in a world with so much trauma, violence, brutality and eminent lack of empathy. This is insane and rotten on so many levels.

The suffering across the world is enormous and hard to process.

How are you coping? Seriously. I know many are talking political action. What about the private sector? How are we taking social responsibility for the atrocities happening across the planet? Are the polarizing forces of creating and discretion interconnected? How can we learn and grow from this? Or is all this suffering an inevitable part of Human existence, or inflicted on us by us? Or G-d?

What can we do? Talk the talk or walk the walk? Is there anything more we can do, or do things better? I think it’s both/and, and not either/or. We need to move forward and integrate.

We can do A LOT better! Why? Because we are not that great folks, me included. That’s OK. We’re getting better. And you’re great, AND getting better. It’s a journey that we’re on and we can determine stations, experiences and milestones.

I know were all putting our best effort into life. My family is important to me. My role as a husband and partner to my beautiful wife Aviva is a true treasure. I love our romantic and co-creative adventure with important challenges and blessing.

Being a co-parent and father to my son Eliyah is my most dominant and honestly transformational relationship. The amount of love circulated between us and excitement shared for each other is beyond what I knew to exist in life. I’m awe inspired.

Fatherhood allows me to stay unstuck and shielded by the political drama and corrupt economics. Instead I focus on the part of Humanity that are doing better. Some are blossoming and radically progressing with love, care, compassion and support for each other. Millennials and future generations have already a pretty well-balanced value perspective and will keep refining it. The baby boomers have a accumulated a lot of wealth to do new good things and improve the quality-of-life for everyone.

The world is ripe for innovation and transformation.

What can we do together?