American Jewish University


Stakeholders President of the American Jewish University, senior staff, board of directors, department chairs, academic faculty, administrators, admissions team, current students, prospective students and their parents, gap-year programs, alumni, high school guidance counselors, college counselors, independent college counselors, community college transfer centers, higher education vendors. Role Director of Undergraduate Admissions (Mar ’13 [...]

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center


Stakeholders Founder and director, medical staff, therapists, educators, culinary chefs, residential guests, customer service personnel, administrators, maintenance staff, volunteers, hospitality vendors, superfood companies, natural supplements suppliers Role: General Manager Managed business operation, guest services, wellness spa operation, retail, human resources, marketing and enrollment at one of the world's leading educational wellness centers with spa operation, [...]



USDA, stakeholders included NGOs, community agencies, educators, farmers, local Project Manager – USDA Rural Innovation Project, Santa Cruz County, AZ – Established a network of regular community-based farmers markets (“Fresh Fest” and “Earth Fest”) in partnership with local non-profit agencies and regional healthcare provider to improve access to fresh foods and healthier lifestyle options, strengthen [...]

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