Education Marketing

Education Marketing 

Got seats to fill, minds to educate and experiences to share?

We can compose and launch a micro-targeted multi-channel marketing campaign for you that gets you lots of positive recognition and generates thousands of new leads!

Enrollment Management

Ready to grow enrollment?

Do you have the technical infrastructure and know-how to manage hundreds of thousands of personalized touch points throughout an enrollment season?

It takes a sophisticated and well-coordinated communication plan that is run by a high-tech CRM system with automated marketing features. With that, you can effectively funnel more right-fit participants to your educational programs.

Education Marketing

  Business Growth

Ready to prosper?

We help you optimize business processes, maximize resources and actualize business opportunities to increase profitable revenue.

Education Marketing

Project Management

Dream your dreams from start to finish!

Take advantage of cutting-edge project management tools and techniques to reach your desired business objectives.

When working with The Funke Agency, we lay out a plan that takes all resources, stakeholder objectives and predictable eventualities into consideration, which magnifies the likelihood of successful dream realization.

Education Marketing

Community Building

Ready to activate your network of members, donors, customers or business partners?

We engage your community and cultivate old and new relationships on your behalf to strengthen brand value and loyalty.

We have developed a proprietary community development formula that honors psycho-emotional needs and desires present in every human being. It is simple, yet powerful formula. See for yourself!

Education Marketing

  Film Production

Everyone has a story. How are you sharing yours?

We produce high-quality online videos that tell emotionally-enticing and entertaining stories to promote your products, services or causes. In today’s world of marketing, online video are one of the most effective vehicles to drive traffic to your website.