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Yosef Funke Bio

Yosef is a creative business strategist and operational management consultant who works with award-winning entrepreneurs and F1000 businesses. 

Yosef’s mission is to accelerate rates of positive change by helping individuals and teams to collaborate effectively by shifting their mindset from scarcity mentality to possibility thinking and applying their co-creative forces towards shared goals.

His facilitation Incorporates the best of behavioral science and experiential learning along with positive psychology, evolutionary biology, and play. His deliverables focus on establishing the preconditions for one’s individual and collective potential to manifest.


From 2020 – 22, in partnership with a network of 20 leadership coaches, Yosef produced over 100 virtual learning experiences and enrolled over 2,000 participants who have collectively generated over 2 million actions towards greater connection, well-being, and growth.

Yosef built the US market for the leadership training company, FreshBiz Global, for whom he recruited and trained new facilitators. 

He has a track record in student recruitment, marketing, and enrollment management of academic programs. As the Director of Admissions at the Liberal Arts & Sciences College of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA he produced double-digit enrollment growth by upgrading all aspects of the college’s marketing, recruitment infrastructure, and processes. 

Prior, he managed all business aspects of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, a holistic wellness education and treatment center. Over a period of 3 years, he doubled enrollment in signature retreats, tripled online store sales, launched a hybrid masters course, and implemented an integrated property management system with hospitality, spa, and retail module to optimize operational efficiency. 

As part of a USDA Rural Development Grant, he led a committee of community stakeholders to co-create two regional farmers markets, “Fresh Fest” and the annual community celebration “Earth Fest”. He assisted the national NGO, “Why Hunger” in the formation of a network of agriculturists and regional community leaders of southern Arizona to strengthen local resilience. 

Yosef also has experience in strategic partnership development and pioneered software companies to market-leading positions in the high-tech sector.